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4 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

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Putting your house on the market is a big deal! If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to maximize what you can get for your house, right? I asked REALTORS at Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont Realtors their recommendations on getting a home ready for sale. Here’s what they said...



1.    Clean!


Clean countertops, stove, refrigerator, microwave, bathrooms, bedrooms, everything! Whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning person or team, a deep clean will freshen your home!

In addition, de-clutter. Realtor Jen Donais remembers when she sold her house. She “moved anything we didn’t need into a storage unit to make the house look bigger - less cluttered. Even putting my non-season clothes in the storage unit made my closet appear roomier. I think having fresh flowers scattered throughout is a nice, welcoming touch too.”


“Clean out spaces that are not used,” suggests Realtor Christina Postera, “the attic, basement, and garage....doing that last minute is such tedious work.”


Realtors Marcia Brooks and David Santos suggest deep cleaning any carpets, especially if you have pets. And, Realtor Rick Davitt recommends not leaving pets at home during an open house or showing.



2.    Paint!

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to get your house looking, well, fresh. We suggest using neutral colors and paint the entire interior of the house. Your goal should be light, bright and airy. If your walls don’t need painting, simply clean them.



3.    Don’t Forget the Exterior!

According to Realtor Rick Davitt, “It starts with curb appeal. Make sure the ground and exterior of the house are as attractive as possible. Many buyers start by driving by houses before making appointments to go inside. Keep the lawn mowed, trees and shrubs trimmed and mulched, plant flowers and dress up the entrance by painting the front door and keeping the windows clean. The siding should be clean and paint should be touched up.” 


Keep in mind, “home inspectors say bushes and shrubs should be a foot and a half away from the house,” said Realtor Christina Postera.


And if you have messy neighbors, Realtor Paula Davitt recommends screening off your property with fencing or shrubs.



4.    Make Your Home Buyer-Friendly!

Realtor Rick Davitt recommends hiring a stager or watching a staging video, which will go a long way in preparing your house for sale.


Realtor Paula Davitt recommends minimizing personal items and keeping all surfaces clutter free. You want potential buyers to visualize themselves and their things living in the home. Keep furniture to a bare minimum as well, creating a sense of space.


Valena Rutkowski suggests removing your jewelry, medications, and expensive items during a showing or an open house.



In addition, Realtor Sarah Newman suggests getting a Title V inspection when there is a private septic system! In fact we recommend a general home inspection as well. This will give you a heads up as to what repairs are needed.


And finally, have the heating and cooling systems serviced and chimneys cleaned. Locate and have available all service records, and permits. If you live in a community with HOA fees, have that information available as well.




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Pamela Sclafani is the Marketing Manager for Coldwell Banker Upton Massamont. She lives in the Pioneer Valley and enjoys everything it has to offer, gorgeous scenery, hills and mountains for hiking, lakes for paddle boarding, the change of seasons, and the close proximity to Boston and New York.

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